We create fun, physical and engaging productions that are designed to tour easily. We tour street theatre, traditional stage and pop up style performances that work in different spaces.

Children’s Storytelling

We have over 50 different storytelling productions from traditional tales, to scientific discoveries, famous people from history. Popular examples include our WW1 Nurse, A sailor on the Titanic, Scheherazade, Pirate Adventures, Shakespeare Tales, FIZZ-POP science, History Comes Alive!(various characters), Little Wolf, Mary Christmas’ Snow show, Mrs Bud stories from the garden. They feature costumed character performances and include interactive activities. They are suitable to be performed almost anywhere and have been including in schools, libraries, marquees, under trees outdoors, in historic buildings, museums and galleries. As well as our repertoire we can create events themed to almost any subject.

Street Performance

Our Street shows include many walkabout and suitcase shows that can pop up with minimal set up/strike: We have seasonal acts to tie in with major calendar events. Easter Bunny trails, Christmas Snow Show, Mr & Mrs Bud garden adventures, Pirate Lilly and The Lost Treasure, The tooth fairy, Dingle dangle scarecrow, Mrs turnip, friendly witches, Silly goblins, A bumbling wizard.

Walkabout Characters

We have most fairy story and many literary/world book day characters available to create trails and stories in outdoor settings, for festivals and events or for school visits. We have almost 100 options and are always excited to source costumes and create new characters so you have the perfect street theatre acts for your event.

History Comes Alive!

History Comes Alive! Book our historically accurate portrayals of famous explorers, plant hunters, scientists and other historical figures. Our performances can be geared to different age groups and we are often engaged to create trails featuring multiple actors in gardens or around historic houses. Our clients include National Trust, Historic Royal Palaces, RHS, several national museums and major visitor attractions.

We can provide existing characters for once off events, provide seasonal contracted actors or research and write new pieces to your brief. We offer walkabout, guided tours, pop up performances and lecture style events.

Touring Theatre

Our stage productions have been designed to tour easily. We perform in historic locations-several of our shows started as site specific pieces, in community venues such as libraries, schools, care homes, in gallery spaces and of course in traditional theatre venues and art centres.

Productions include:

Desert Island Books

Isabella Blake is leaving her old life behind. She has been dreaming of escape longer than she can remember and the family bookshop has always got in her way. But now there is a new man in her life and things are starting to get interesting.

This funny and moving production is for anyone who has ever fallen in love or dreamed of a new life. ‘Desert Island Books’ is a literary romance with a loveable quirky heroine delivered in a pacey physical theatre style.

This show can be performed almost anywhere! It is perfect for encouraging reading and introducing community audiences to the arts. The show includes a fun discussion and book swap-where audience members can bring a book to swap for a new one or share their own favourite reads.

Little Wolf

Little wolf learns to play nicely in this fun interactive performance featuring Red riding hood who tells the story, the three little pigs, chicken lickin’ and a host of other characters brought to life by the participants and of course little wolf. The children help create the story and help Wolf make decisions. A child friendly physical play using storytelling and forum theatre. It features playful language, is in-built with literacy curriculum links and deals with PD&MU issues in a fun ‘toybox’ staging format that can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes to make it easy to deliver to multiple classrooms, libraries and community spaces.

Versions are available for early years, KS1 and KS2. Let us know your year groups and current focus and we can adapt the content to fit your needs.

Words Of War: Words of Remembrance

As featured on BBC radio and Cotswold Life who called this ‘a deeply moving and heartfelt production’ focusing on lives touched by war. Poems, letters personal and stories draw the audience into the lives, hopes and fears of soldiers, family, civilians and nursing staff. It includes work by famous poets such as Wilfred Owen, Rupert Brook and Isaac Rosenberg as well as that of less known writers. The featured stories are a reflection on conflict around the world today as well as remembering those of the past. The programme varies in content to mark particular events or to commemorate individuals pertinent to the performance venue or audience.

Don Quixote and Dulcinea

Don Quixote-Last Night In La Mancha

Don Quixote is so obsessed with romantic tales of chivalry, that he has decided to become a knight himself, not least to impress a local peasant girl whom he imagines to be the beautiful maiden, Dulcinea. He convinces his long suffering squire, Sancho Panza to join him on numerous adventures, often causing more harm than good in spite of their noble intentions.

This is the story of a sane madman and a wise fool. A story of love and self-realisation, filled with unforgettable characters. This full length play is ideal for historic locations, theatres and larger venues. Produced in association with Cheltenham Everyman.

HISTORY COMES ALIVE! “…meet the Plant Hunters”.

Meet the explorers who brought the world to Britain and Ireland. There are many exciting stories about how these amazing plants got to this country. Many of them were discovered by adventurous explorers who risked their lives-sometimes hanging off cliffs, being chased by wild animals and almost freezing to death at the tops of mountains!

Meet plant pirates and scientists like David Douglas, Ernest Wilson, Robert Banks and others as they tell you tales and adventures from their travels in their own words gleaned from diaries, letters and other historical documents.  Ideal for outdoor visitor attractions but also suitable for events, museums and galleries with a horticultural connection.

Our HISTORY COMES ALIVE! tours and shows have been performed at various National Trust properties, Historic Royal Palaces like Hampton Court and Hillsborough Castle, RHS Wisley and numerous gardens and visitor attractions and shows.